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The last time I attended school, I was a pretty good student and thought I had the tools to get me through this time. But my grades were not good from the first semester and I thought, ‘wow, can I do this?’ I was worried about my future.”

Nick Mobley learned about OMD as he was about to enter his second year at Kennedy-King College. Nick, who had previously attended college, was 35 and having a difficult time adjusting to academic life.

He learned about OMD in a newsletter from Kennedy-King’s president. “She mentioned that there was an organization who provided financial and support services for students and all they needed was a desire and need to be successful in college.”

Nick applied and was accepted into the OMD program. “At our first meeting, OMD referred to all of us as scholars. I remember how it motivated me to meet someone who saw the potential in me.”

OMD provided Nick with a tutor, and his confidence began to grow. “I was afraid I may not have what it takes to become an engineer, and I was questioning whether or not pursuing a higher education degree was possible for me. After OMD, I was able to overcome those apprehensions. The things that once seemed so hard for me became easier.”

As an OMD Ambassador, Nick helps recruit other scholars. “Before I became part of OMD, I was afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. I know there are people like me out there who need help, but don’t want to ask.”

“I’ve experienced the power of OMD and I’ve seen it work,” says Nick, who feels a strong connection to other OMD Scholars. “There’s a fellowship among scholars and we have an incredible bond. There’s nothing like it. We talk about our future and we don’t dwell on things from the past. Now, I have such a positive outlook on life, even if I experience adversity. I know that what’s coming is better than what’s been.”

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