Shaina Henderson OMD Coach, OMD Associate’s Board Member, Financial Institution Specialist, FDIC


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Some people live in a tiny world in whatever neighborhood they're from, but OMD helps them see there's more out there. Opening those doors – or even just showing a window of opportunity – is so amazing."

Shaina Henderson knows firsthand how OMD can impact a Scholar’s life – and she’s about to pay it forward. This year, Shaina not only became a coach, but a member of OMD’s Associates Board.

As an OMD Alumna, Shaina looks at these new roles as ways to give back to an organization that feels like family. “OMD is like family and that’s what I really love about them. There’s a strong community aspect with no sense of competition. Everyone is there supporting you and wanting you to succeed.”

Shaina is serving on the membership committee of the Associates Board, helping to recruit new members and plan events. She also helps to recruit new coaches, bringing a unique perspective that only a former Scholar can bring. “I look to see how passionate the person is and their commitment to the program, because it’s a big responsibility.”

That strong sense of responsibility, along with the opportunities that OMD provides, is why she has also become a coach.

“I want to help someone along the road the way someone helped me. I understand that sometimes people don’t have that support system, so I want to be that for someone. Sometimes all people need is that extra push from behind, motivating them and believing in them.”

Shaina has always been highly motivated, and OMD’s program helped bring clarity to her goals. “I’ve always had a growth mindset and have been goal oriented. OMD’s curriculum embeds that into the minds of all Scholars and I think that’s great. I’m always looking to see what’s next for me and now, thinking how can I apply what I’ve learned in the past to my role on the board.”

And just like with family, she recognizes the impact OMD has had on her life.

“OMD is almost like a proud parent. You want to do better because you have someone there so happy to see you succeed. So, for me to be able to accomplish my goals is like a thank you to them for believing in me.”

Alumni Stats

72% of OMD Alumni working full-time have received a promotion or raise in the last two years

90% of OMD Alumni are employed, continuing their education, or both

88% of OMD Alumni in the workforce believe OMD helped prepare them for life after college

88% of OMD Alumni have engaged in professional development activities after graduating from OMD