JACKIE SANCHEZ Graduate, Harry S. Truman College ‘16 Student, DePaul University


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It would not have been possible to get through college without OMD. No matter your situation—money, age, and where you are in your life—they prepare you for the world. OMD gives you a chance to succeed.”

Jackie Sanchez had been out of school for 13 years before enrolling in Truman College and discovering OMD.

While at Truman, Jackie took full advantage of all supports OMD offers, including Spanish tutoring, mock interviews, speed-networking, team-building skill development, workshops in financial management, developing her own elevator pitch, and financial stipends. But for her, the importance of what she received is much more than money.

“OMD gets you ready for the working world, helping you feel confident. They take you to Brooks Brothers to show you what clothes to wear. You have the etiquette dinner. You are put into situations where you have to get comfortable with someone you don’t know. Everything helped to build my confidence.”

Ask Jackie how she feels about OMD, and she speaks affectionately about the community of people she met– staff, volunteers, coaches – who wanted her to succeed. “It’s one big family. At the awards ceremony, you can tell that the donors really care about us. These are real people who care about our success. Everyone involved wants to help so the experiences aren’t intimidating.”

Jackie’s connection to OMD is now coming full circle, and like so many OMD Alumni before her, she will give back to her community in many ways. Starting this year, she’ll be coaching an OMD Scholar and will co-coach with her former OMD Coach, John Bistolfo. Together, they will help scholars overcome many of the insecurities that Jackie once faced. She’s also an OMD Ambassador, promoting and advocating for the program and assisting with workshops and team building exercises.

This busy single mother of three kids—ages 16, 12, and 4—graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Truman, and is now a student at DePaul University, where she will earn a bachelor’s degree in child development.

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OMD Alumni’s median annual salary (vs. $41,000 national median for associate’s degree holders)

of OMD Alumni are employed, continuing their education, or both

received a raise in their current place of employment

saving for future goals like home ownership, sending children to college, and retirement