At One Million Degrees, we’re expanding opportunities for Scholars, for their families, and for our communities. Through a powerful support system of business professionals and partners, Coaches, volunteers, and staff, OMD Scholars are driven toward brighter futures. We’ve had an incredible year, growing and providing more opportunities than ever before.

686 Growth in scholars served from 440 to 686
550 Growth in coaches from 330 to 550
$3,384,774 Growth in budget from $2,553,000 to $3,384,774
8 Growth in embedded campuses from four to eight


Former US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Speaks at OMD/x
More than 100 Chicago thought leaders joined former US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in conversation with Alexi Giannoulias at OMD's 3rd annual OMD/x...
OMD Alumna Jackie Sanchez Profiled in the Chicago Tribune
After [OMD Alumna Jackie Sanchez] was accepted at DePaul, [she] volunteered to become a One Million Degrees coach...
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Praises OMD at Corporate Leaders Breakfast
JPMorgan Chase announced a two-year, $400,000 investment in One Million Degrees’ expansion...
OMD wins Chicago Innovation Award
One Million Degrees Chief Executive Officer Paige Ponder and Chief Program Officer Veronica Herrero joined Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel...

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